Monday, May 11, 2009

Sunday Recap

Well this Sunday my heart was pricked. My brothers third part of his series on the Gospel of God.
Act 2:37 Now when they heard this, they were pricked in their heart, and said unto Peter and to the rest of the apostles, Men and brethren, what shall we do? What was it they heard that pricked their heart? It was the COMPLETE gospel that Peter had preached to them.

What can prick a man's heart?...the unadulterated, raw, uncompromising Gospel of God. I tell you I have been saved since I was 6. But I can't hold back the tears and my heart gets twisted into contortions when I hear the true Gospel preached. Today the true complete message of the Gospel is being lost in the name of feeding itchy ears. There are certain things such as eternal judgement, wrath of God, and repentance that are easing there way out of our Gospel vocabulary. It is being replace by the acknowledgement that all man is generally good and God is all loving so we are all OK to a degree. This philosophy is stripping away the personal responsibility of sin in a persons life. Our talk shows, book writers, and counselors are causing us to look in our past to find a reason for your actions. Then when you discover that thing...transfer the blame of your actions on that thing. Therefore leaving your conscience void of your own actions that are contrary to God. Clarence put it as the Gospel of excuses. The question you must ask yourself is when I stand before the throne of God what legitimate excuses can you give before a holy God for not taking personal responsibility for your sin and seeking a savior.
The bumper sticker says COEXIST that is a bold statement saying...your view can exist and my view can exist but don't you dare make any arrogant absolute statements like your way is the ONLY way. Well the true Gospel of God teaches does teach that very thing; Christians are being backed in a corner, muzzled, and intimidated into not expressing one of the fundamental elements of the Gospel...Jesus Christ is the only way...only truth..and only life. Those that don't believe this will go to a place of eternal fire and torment. Just saying this seems narrow doesn't it? A few years back it was understood and didn't sound so "old hat". What has changed? The gospel most are hearing is changing...we must earnestly contend for the truth and not be ashamed to state it. A blog can't give the message justice. I applaud all preachers that continue to preach the truth even if it will bring persecution.

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