Tuesday, May 17, 2011

I'm a failure

I'm a failure. I fail often as a man. I fail often as a Dad. I fail often as a husband. I fail often as a Pastor. Failure is saying you are going to do something and not following through. Failing is creating expectations in others and then not meeting your own standards. Failure is setting a goal and not meeting it.

Some people try and dress up failure and make it feel good, failure stinks..no matter how you slice it. When something goes a different way than you expect, you feel like you have failed. Period!

Despite the fact that it stinks, I am glad that I have failed at being a man, failed at being a husband, failed at being a Dad, and failed at being a Pastor because that means that I am trying and not giving up. That means that I care enough to pursue those things.

One example of my failure as a dad is my inconsistent attempts at leading my family in Bible devotions. I tried mornings and I would run late to work. I tried Saturdays and couldn't find the time. I tried before the kids went to bed and was too tired. Each time my new plan didn't work I fealt terrible and wondered would I ever be consistent. There are two key words in each of my attempts, "I-TRIED". Trying exposed my weaknesses and God loves our weaknesses. His strength is made perfect in my weakness (II Corinthians 12:9). After twelve years of trying and not giving up we eventually found our family niche after mealtime. Don't celebrate yet, I am still failing at consistency. However, I have realized that as I continue to fail at being consistent we are on our third time reading through the new testament verse by verse, half way through the old testament, inscribed fifty-seven of our favorite biblically rich hymns on our children's heart, enthusiastically told every major bible story, seen all of our children cry their eyes out in repentance and forgiveness at the reading of his word, and the list goes on. I blogged about it in 2009 called the Family Dinner Table. So although failure still stinks if you keep trying, the process will yield beautiful fruit.

We need to minimize the cultural image of failure as a bad thing and reshape our thinking. Things that are bad we natural tend to avoid. The implications of trying to avoid failure will lead to unfulilled dreams , stifled ideas, and quenched passion. Embrace failure as part of your growth process and you will welcome one of the greatest catalyst to fulfilled dreams, flourishing ideas, and burning passion known to man.
I am determined to push the envelope of failure by applying continuous momentum in the direction I feel God is leading. My goal to become the greatest failure that ever lived. In that pursuit I will become the best me that God ever created. With the fear of failure now harnessed as a tool for my development I am now free to become who I am in Christ. Being uninhibited by failure gives Me freedom to try new things, tackle new approaches.

I am a failure, but I overcome the failure because I REFUSE TO GIVE UP on being God's man, God's kind of pastor, God's kind of husband, and God's kind of father. My failures are superseded by God's grace and getting back up again and again (Proverbs 24:16). I'm a failure how about you?

Audio Sermon here: http://bit.ly/failure-audio

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Monday, May 16, 2011

Silent Fathers

Father's your silence can get misinterpreted as rejection, disapproval, and lack of love to your children. Most of us or aware of the silent-father type; he is the one that is present in the home but really doesn't have much to say. There are several reasons why these fathers appear to be muted. A few are:

  1. Some were raised in a culture where males did not communicate their heart. So they really don't know how.

  2. Some ended up marrying a controlling, nagging wife that does all the talking any way so why do they need to speak.

  3. Some are just removed and believe they work and provide so that is all they need to do.

Regardless of the reason, fathers we have to speak up in our families. Don't delegate all of the communication to the children to your wife. Ten things your children need to hear from you.

  1. Your daddy loves you

  2. God loves you

  3. I need your help

  4. That was a great job

  5. You are very pretty and your heart is even prettier (for girls)

  6. You are a handsome and your heart is even more attractive (for boys)

  7. Good effort, let me show you and even better way

  8. I am so proud of you

  9. I am here for you

  10. You can do anything you put your mind to

The words listed above, along with others, coming from your mouth will be forever inscribed on your children's heart. You can never repeat these things enough. Don't forsake the rights you have been given by God to be a voice in your children's life. Don't allow anyone or anything to rob you of this privilege. Open your mouth fathers and be a blessing! Your words in your home carry so much weight. A book I read years ago was called "The Blessing" by Gary Chapman. It is a good book that talks about the power of spoken words. Fathers we can be silent no more! When you are silent it leaves room for other voices to communicate lies to our children. Children wrestle with identity all the time and your voice can trump those lies with the truth. Never make the assumption that your child knows how you feel about something. Speak it out of your mouth often to be sure to clear up any ambiguity. Fathers let's be silent no more!

Friday, May 13, 2011

Happy 40th Anniversary Mom and Dad Hill

My parents will be celebrating 40 years of marriage this Sunday, May 15th. It's interesting that in the bible the number 40 represents a period of testing, trial, or purification and ends with a period of restoration, revival or renewal. My parents have been through alot over forty years and it will be great to see what the Lord has in store for them as they enter a new season.
I have four words for the four decades of their marriage that describe them.
1) Perseverance-I have seen them go through financial problems, health problems, and family problems. Regardless of the problem, May 15th, 2011 marks a generational milestone that they endured all trials.
2) Dependence-There is not one time in my lifetime I have not seen them display complete dependence on God to bring them through.
3) Sacrifice-I am a byproduct of their sacrifice. I am fully aware of most of the things my parents have forgone to raise their children and invest in others through ministry.
4) Succession-To watch them raise two of their grandchildren at age 71 and 62 puts action to what they teach. They teach leave a legacy by instilling Biblically rich values into at least two generations behind you.

Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad Hill. Six children and seventeen grandchildren later and still in love. If you know my parents email me a message I will pass it on to them at a reception we are having in their honor this Sunday. Email: jhill1972@gmail.com