Monday, August 15, 2011

Ten Lies I almost believed about Parenting

Below are ten lies that I almost believed about parenting.
1) I couldn't afford to have children
2) I would be stressed out everyday.
3) That my children will grow up to hate me if I spanked them.
4) That you can't raise children to happily obey the first time.
5) That I had to get a bigger place and new car when the baby was born.
6) That yelling, threatening, and intimidating is the best way to demand compliance.
7) That God's ways for disciplining children are archaic and out of date.
8) That having more that two children is irresponsible.
9) That children desire video games and toys more than you.
10) That young children don't understand what you are telling them.

Some parents have been fed a bill of goods. Parents are limiting their family size, parenting out of fear, and altering they way they discipline all off of lies.

What are some lies you almost believed?

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