Thursday, July 5, 2012

Bible Experience: July-August

Start reading your Bible today. We continue to hear how the Bible Experience (Bible-X) is helping people stay focused on God’s word. We have over 100 participants from eight different states (NJ, FL, MO, TX, OK, MD, IA and IN). I wanted to take time to share a testimony in my family.

We have two teenage sons. We want them to own their faith and spend time with God because they "want to" not because they "have to". Having the physical bookmark in their Bible and a set time when they read has helped them to keep a Godly focus for their days. It has been a joy to be in the car and have a spontaneous conversation over the reading for the day. We pray that they are developing a habit that they will be able to carry with them when they leave our house.
What are your testimonies? Please share: email to or leave a voice mail at 405-200-1846.

Read here to see how the Bible Experience works. The chapters for July and August are included as an image in this post. Below you can read how to print your own bookmark or receive one in the mail.

For July and August as we will stay on the theme of Establishing. We will look at:
  • Establishing of a leader---I and II Timothy, Titus
  • Establishing a love for Jesus---Gospel of John and his three letters (I, II, and III John)
  • Establishing the Christian life---James
  • Establishing of the temple---Exodus
  • Establishing of the law---Deuteronomy 
Remember this is an experience that you can use in multiple ways:

1. This can be a personal devotion tool. Fellowship with God a minimum of 20 minutes through prayer, reading, and journaling (See bookmark for guidance).
2. This can be a tool to bring your family together around the word. Have the family individually read the two chapters in their own quiet time. When you come together in the car, around the dinner table, or in the family room; have each family member share a portion from the reading that had an impact. Pray for each other and you are done.
3. This can be a tool used in small group environments. Get together with one or two others and share what passages stood out the most to you.

If you would like a bookmark mailed to you every two months please email: Leave us your name and mailing address.

You can also print off a hard copy of the bookmark your self here. (Bookmark pdf file)
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