Saturday, July 18, 2009

God and Family First-Balancing Time

My best attempt at balancing time often fails. Fellas any of this sound familiar?
-I need to spend more time with my wife
-I have demands at work
-My children want my attention.
-I have heavy commitments at my local church
-My home projects are slipping behind with a new season approaching.

Some days you probably feel you are living life on the edge. The topic of balancing time is probably one of my biggest challenges.

Since there are only 24 hours in a day and so much to do something has to get the short end of the stick. Something has to have it’s time cheated. Assume your top 4 priorities are as follows:
1) Personal Relationship with God
2) Relationship with your Wife
3) Relationship with your Children
4) Your Job

Most of us dedicate our time on number 4, then 3 then 2 then number 1. Like this.
4) Your Job (9-10 hours)
3) Relationship with your Child (45min-1 hour after work family time before bed)
2) Relationship with your Wife (30 min. eye to eye heart to heart communication)
1) Personal Relationship with God (10-15 min. personal prayer and devotions)

Since your fourth priority consumes so much time then Items 1,2,& 3 should never have there time cheated except for extra-ordinary circumstances.

Moral of the story the quality time you dedicate for God, Wife and Children should be the last things you choose on the list to cheat time. We as men must realize that if we won't cheat those top (3) that God will make up the difference for us.
If it is our jobs that get cheated (on time) God can make up the difference. If it is home maintenance that gets cheated (on time) we have to realize that God can make up the difference. If it is a buddy or social club that gets cheated (on time) God can make up the difference. The time we spend on the top (3) may be small in duration but it is very fragile and can't afford to be cheated on. The time is ESSENTIAL for a Man of God.

God's word says if we honor God he will honor us. I Sam 2:30, John 12:26

Take care of your family, that is honoring God, and remember HE WILL MAKE UP THE DIFFERENCE! Read your Bible and pray daily and HE WILL MAKE UP THE DIFFERENCE!

Without fueling your top three priorities with love and attention then all other priorities below it will struggle.

In 2005 I listened to a message by Andy Stanely on the Focus on the Family broadcast on the topic "Putting Family First." It changed my life. The Ministry has since rebroadcasted this sermon almost every year since it has impacted so many people's life.
Putting family first Part 1 and Putting Family First Part 2
If the links some how don't work search for this title "Putting Family First Andy Stanley" in your google search engine .

I know this topic is not just for men, it applies to women also. I am just intimately acquainted with the male struggle on this one. I am "pressing toward the mark" myself. Anybody join me?

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