Monday, May 16, 2011

Silent Fathers

Father's your silence can get misinterpreted as rejection, disapproval, and lack of love to your children. Most of us or aware of the silent-father type; he is the one that is present in the home but really doesn't have much to say. There are several reasons why these fathers appear to be muted. A few are:

  1. Some were raised in a culture where males did not communicate their heart. So they really don't know how.

  2. Some ended up marrying a controlling, nagging wife that does all the talking any way so why do they need to speak.

  3. Some are just removed and believe they work and provide so that is all they need to do.

Regardless of the reason, fathers we have to speak up in our families. Don't delegate all of the communication to the children to your wife. Ten things your children need to hear from you.

  1. Your daddy loves you

  2. God loves you

  3. I need your help

  4. That was a great job

  5. You are very pretty and your heart is even prettier (for girls)

  6. You are a handsome and your heart is even more attractive (for boys)

  7. Good effort, let me show you and even better way

  8. I am so proud of you

  9. I am here for you

  10. You can do anything you put your mind to

The words listed above, along with others, coming from your mouth will be forever inscribed on your children's heart. You can never repeat these things enough. Don't forsake the rights you have been given by God to be a voice in your children's life. Don't allow anyone or anything to rob you of this privilege. Open your mouth fathers and be a blessing! Your words in your home carry so much weight. A book I read years ago was called "The Blessing" by Gary Chapman. It is a good book that talks about the power of spoken words. Fathers we can be silent no more! When you are silent it leaves room for other voices to communicate lies to our children. Children wrestle with identity all the time and your voice can trump those lies with the truth. Never make the assumption that your child knows how you feel about something. Speak it out of your mouth often to be sure to clear up any ambiguity. Fathers let's be silent no more!

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  1. Thanks for this Jonathan. Helps remind me to try harder, and keep trying.


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