Friday, July 18, 2014

Guiding Kids Towards Their Interest

Guiding kids toward their unique design takes patience & prayer mixed with trial & error. Okay I have this son that has these eclectic skills. He likes to tear things apart and build new things from the remains. He once took apart an old iron and turned it into a thinking cap! For a couple years we had a laptop that was all but dead to me, it had a blue screen with a few DOS words that didn't mean anything to me. A couple weeks ago I saw him with the laptop and I told him he could do whatever he wanted to with it. I saw him taking it apart doing a little Google research and I said awe that's cute. Next day he asked me for an operating disk. I said "what?" This guy is serious. I gave him all the disc and software I owned. Long story short this 13 year old boy fully loaded the operating system, found the drivers unique to that computer, loaded the Microsoft products and was playing video games and watching Netflix in under two days. To some that's nothing, but I was amazed! I instantly called a buddy of mine to see if he could just be a shadow on the wall at his job and hang around some other tech geeks. I'm thankful for people willing to open doors for youth and pass on knowledge! If any of my other friends in the computer field want to give a young man a chance let me know. Do we have a Steve jobs or Bill Gates on our hands? Time will tell. LOL!