Saturday, January 30, 2010

Sweetheart Ball-Longest Married Couple Search

Things are coming together for the Eye to Eye Marriage Enrichment Community's 2010 Sweetheart Ball.
Just recently the Ball was featured in the Life section of the Daily Oklahoman. (Click here) Carla Hinton has issued a nice article describing the event and kicking off our search for the longest married couple.
We are searching the state of Oklahoma for the longest married couple. We hope to honor the couple at the ball, and if the couple cannot attend, Eye to Eye leaders want to tape a short video interview with them to be shown at the ball.

If you know of someone all we need is:
1) Number of years married
2) Brief history of the couple (i.e. number of children/grandchildren, why they should be honored)
3) Contact-Name, address, phone, and email

Submit your entry via email to or call 405-288-1393

Over 100 couples registered so far. Register today!

Price: $75 per couple
Group Seating: Four couples per table list couples at time of registration
Three ways to register:
1) Online (Preferred):
2) Phone: 405-288-1393
3) At Greg Jones State Farm Insurance Offices
1035A SW 19th St
Moore, OK 73160

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

We need your help-2010 Sweetheart Ball

If you have ever been to the Sweetheart Ball or know someone who has. Please send me stories of how the Sweetheart Ball and or Eye to Eye has affected your marriage. Email all stories to: Your entry may be selected for a future publication. If you would like to remain anonymous please state such. Eye to Eye is pretty broad so the story could be the affect of the Facebook page, the monthly bible studies, or the Summer BBQ. Your story of impact could be from the November Getaway or the Sweetheart Ball. Maybe it is a specific couple within Eye to Eye that has come along side your marriage and shored it up. Please share your thoughts!

Momentum is building for the ball after Jan 15th the registration price for the ball will go up from $65 to $75 so hurry! Register on line here.

Help us spread the word in three ways:
  1. Get flyers that you can hand out to your neighbors, church groups, coworkers, and family. They can be be printed from the website (Click here). Also you can have flyers mailed or delivered if you are in the Oklahoma City Metro by emailing your name address and the amount you need to:
  2. Become a champion couple and take responsibility to fill up one or more tables with four couples. Group registration can be done on the website (Click here)
  3. Forward or link to this post and pass it to everyone you know.
Statistic: 80% of people that have attended our past balls found out through word of mouth! It is a massive grass roots effort..WATCH OUT COX CENTER HERE WE COME!!

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Saturday, January 9, 2010

Eye to Eye Sweetheart Ball-How it began

Have you ever been apart of something that was bigger than you? Take a moment and read what happens when you obey the call of God in your heart. Below is an excerpt from the Sweetheart ball website.

In 2001, Clarence Hill and his good friend, Nathan Williams, got together to put on an evening of romance and fun for their wives and some of their friends on Valentine's Day. This wasn't the first time that they had done this, but it would prove to be the beginning of something special. The theme of the evening was "Eye to Eye" and the focus was "how can two walk together except they agree?" Some of their single friends got together and made a little storefront room into a romantic chamber of love and intimacy.To mix laughter with romance, Nathan and his wife Tina hosted their own rendition of Family Feud. They called it Couples' Feud. Everyone had a blast in an age old feud of women against men, but, for some reason, the records of who won...have been lost. Hmmm?After all of the good food and fun, the couples slow danced and shared words of appreciation and love to their spouses during what has become known as "Face to Face" time. As the evening was brought to a close, Nyrhone and Delanie Brewer were officially crowned as the first Mr. and Mrs. Eye to Eye. Everyone filled out comment cards and expressed interest in being part of a monthly couples' Bible study. This community of couples has come to be known as the Eye to Eye Marriage Enrichment Community.
Every couple that has actively been a part is excited about telling others of the friendships, the growth in their marriages and the change in their own personal lives that has come through being a part of the Eye to Eye community. Through monthly participation in Bible studies, along with a summer barbecue, a weekend getaway and most importantly the invaluable godly friendships that are born, the couples have discovered that a 2-hour-a-month commitment mixed with relationships with like minded couples is a combination for success in marriage and life.

Since the first ball in 2001 the ball has grown every year. What started with under ten couples is now expected to reach over 350 couples. I would like to invite you to join us in celebrating our 10th Annual Sweetheart ball. All of the information can be found at . I will be passing on more information about the community and about the Ball in future blogs. Right now think of every married and engaged couple you know and have them register online today. Registration is at a special rate until Jan 15th.

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