Sunday, April 19, 2009

iphone experience

Can you believe it...J.Hill with an I-phone. This was a tough decision. My current cell phone just got pocessed. Started scrolling through screens and dialing on it's own. Maybe I should have laid hands on it and rebuked it. :-) Well I did put the poor phone through quite a bit. Maybe it was the time I stuck it in a zip lock bag and jumped in a river..or maybe it is one of the 68 times I dropped it. hmmmmm.
Anyway...Being a one man shop, currently, with Hill engineering Group I need to stay connected and available for my clients when I am out. Also, being a bivocational Pastor means that some of my best time for calling is staring at the windshield. So I needed something with good data capabilities and ease in making calls. Checked out the blackberries and they seemed pretty nice...then he said 199 for the old model and 299 for the new. Wow...that is quite a leap from getting the free phone with my last contract. I asked the Blackberry guy about the iphone and of course he told me all the negatives. He said it is more of a toy with phone capabilities. The worker seemed very reluctant to show me it's capabilities for browsing and verbaly explained to me all of the other features. Seemed a little rushed and bothered and what I could see was a microscopic view of the internet. That was more than what I had now so I was impressed. Well I told him I would at least have to go to the apple store and check it out before I made my decision.
WELL WHAT DID I GO AND DO THAT FOR...first of all the Blackberry store was near empty. On the contrary, the Apple store was swarming with people from all ages, sex, and nationalities. There was apple product on every table in the store plugged in, turned on and fully loaded with all types of fun applications. Some kids were in there as if this was the mall arcade. There was one friendly rep that stood with me for nearly 40 minutes and walked me through tons of the features all while my children split up for their own expeirences. (My kids figured it all out with no intructions..go figure). The fancy scrolling, the color, ease of use made me forget that I was looking for a phone. Instead I bought an experience.

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  1. welcome to the experience my good friend. you made a great choice. there is so much you can do with the iphone. applications galore. plenty of stuff to keep you productive in your word and your work (games too, hehe). have fun, let me know if you have any questions.


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