Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Daddy Time Pt. 3-Birds and the bees and basketball

DJ play that Daddy time song (turn down your speakers)

Justus is eleven and will be twelve in July. I guess he is the veteran "daddy timer" being the oldest. He is at the age where he talks noise and wants to challenge daddy in everything. So we went to shoot hoops today. I get excited about Daddy time just like I would feel when I was a child and got to go on that special trip to the amusement park. I know everybody keeps telling me that I will lose my coolness in my children's eyes as they get older but I am going to fight for every year I can get till that day comes. Right now I think it's cool to hang with my child and they think it is cool to hang with me so as one of my good friends would say our daddy times are full of coo'ness.

An old Hill-boy pastime was to go to the park and see who we could whip-up on the basketball court. After all I was 6'-2" while my little brothers towered at 6-7 and 6-8. Needless to say they had no problem getting picked to play and I was just part of the package deal. Today, I let Justus experience that feeling. We did a few drills together and then four young boys came up and just watched. I asked them if they wanted to play against my son and I. I let Justus get to experience what it feels like to be double and triple teamed. Of course we beat them both games but I think my son grew some hairs of confidence on his chest since I forced him to make most of our shots.

I continue to look for challenges that will help my son build his confidence from sports challenges to public speaking. He can be well versed in the bible, but if he has no exchangeable life skills then his communication to the world, we are to reach, will be limited. I don't want that for my son. What I love about Jesus is that he delivered a gospel message in a way that was exchangeable and relatable with the people during that time.

Daddy time is not all recreation though...we also talk. I tell you with my oldest I have had some of the most interesting talks. One my most memorable talks was "THE TALK" you know "THE BIRDS AND THE BEES". In a booth in McDonald's after a double cheese and McValue fry the big question was asked. How does the sperm meet the egg? Since my children read this blog I will have to be limited in what I share. But my stomach was in knots with laughter hearing the innocent thoughts that my son had on how this fertilization process happens. I gotta mention a few...through the lips, through hugging, just like it happened to the Virgin Mary, God just makes it happen. I was so glad that we guarded my sons innocence for the first 10 years of his life so that I would be the one to explain the process to him.

Lisa and I are old fashion we shelter and protect our children until their conscious and personality are ready for certain things. That is why the TV is only on I would say and hour or two a week. That is why I pre-screen every movie they see on websites like www.screenit.com or www.pluggedinonline.com. That is why we don't allow them to go to sleepovers except with children and parents we know intimately. We are jealous over our children. I am so glad that I had a Daddy time to breakdown the birds and the bees to Justus. With diagrams on a McDonald's napkin and all. He was completely grossed out and at moments hiding under the the table, but he didn't have to hear it from his athletic buddies, his school friends, some TV show, some immoral teacher, or immoral coach. NO! That is a Daddy's job.

I LOVE DADDY TIME. It gives me that special one on one time to instill principles and Godly character during these formable years of my children's life. Like I said in Part 2 of this series, God desires all Fathers to turn their hearts to their children. Malachi 4:6 "And he shall turn the heart of the fathers to the children, and the heart of the children to their fathers..." I am learning that in order to have my children's heart they must have mine.

I mentioned in Part 2 of this series we always read proverbs on daddy time. So why the book of Proverbs? What is in that book for children?

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