Sunday, July 12, 2009

Sunday Recap-narrow or broad...straight or wide?

Nuggets of Wisdom from Sunday at Church Ablaze
  1. Worship was full of celebration yesterday. There was massive joy in the room. It is great to see people free to praise God with all of their heart. Dancing, clapping, arms lifted, shouts of praise, all for the King of Kings.
  2. Heard from one of my favorite teachers today, Nathan Williams. The only man that can slice a piece of pie into twenty piece. If you leave from his presence without understanding you have to be hard of hearing. Clarity and comprehensive are two words that fit his teaching style.
  3. Today we covered Mat 7:13,14 straight gates and narrow way vs. wide gates and broad ways. One leads to life the other leads to destruction.
  4. The gate represents a point you enter into. The entry point into an abundant life in Christ has prerequisites that everyone must meet to enter in.
  5. The way represents the path or course of conduct. Once you enter in there is a way that is right and way that is wrong. No in between.
  6. There are so many that choose to take the wide gate and broad way, that the massive numbers will make you think that their wrong is really right. Quantity doesn't equal quality when it comes to doing right by God. Jesus is coming for the few that find the straight gate.
  7. In most cases going against the grain, being that fish that is swimming up stream, taking the road least traveled is the right way even though it doesn't feel like it.
  8. The path of least resistance can lead to temporary comfort and pleasure but can end in destruction.
  9. Our walk with Christ is personal but not private. Our conduct should set an example and provide evidence that God is real.
  10. We are mocking God when we choose to live our own lives apart from HIM. Jesus' sacrifice was so we can have the power and grace to live a righteous life.
  11. Jesus' ways that are more restrictive are for our good.
  12. The world doesn't ask for much but takes everything, Jesus ask for everything and gives you more in return.
  13. Doesn't take a whole lot for God to do a lot.
  14. What God asks us to do is not hard but doing it consistently is what presents a challenge.
  15. The small choices I make today will affect my future outcomes rather they will end in destruction or lead to life. CHOOSE LIFE.
  16. When it comes to right and wrong calling me narrow minded is a compliment.

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