Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Fatigue, Fish and Fun???

This is a post from my wife's blog Grace and Truth that I had to share. Lisa never ceases to amaze me..she will do about anything for the little ones.
I was so, so, so tired today when we got home from co-op. The children were buzzing with energy, but all I wanted to do was lay down on the floor and take a much deserved nap. Well, since my determined and sweet little 7 month old has now claimed the living room floor as her new domain, that did not happen. Instead I watched her show off her ability to get from point A to point B, cheering her on all the way.

By the time I mustered up enough energy to fix dinner, the boys told me that they had defrosted the fish they caught yesterday in a trout derby and they were planning to gut them. "No, no, no boys!" I know what that meant. It meant I would have to be in the kitchen gutting fish with them. That was absolutely the last thing I wanted to do with my last few hours of the day. Ugh!

But.......after dinner and devotions, I let them gut the fish. I googled "how to clean a trout" and we cleaned, gutted, and skinned fish for the first time....together.

Why did I clean the fish with them? Because I am "SUPERMOM"? Not hardly. Because all day long, all I think about is what fun and messy activity I can do with my children? Well maybe sometimes, but not today. Definitely not today. All I wanted to tell them was to throw the fish in the garbage and call it a day. But nonetheless, I let them clean the fish because I have been challenged with the thought that, on this earth I am going to be spent for something. We are all going to use up our last bit of strength or last bit of time for some worthy or unworthy cause. Why not be spent for my children's or the gospel's sake. In this case, I dragged myself to the kitchen and I built memories with my children. They now know, thanks to Google and YouTube, how to clean and cook the fish they catch. This is a part of preparing them for life. God even blessed me with a small spurt of excitement and enthusiasm, just in time to get fish juice in my eye. Yuck!!

I am still going to go to bed good and tired tonight, but now I will be good, tired and satisfied knowing that I added to my love list today.

By the way, Renee Ellison is a wife, mom, teacher, and home school speaker. Her e-book "Burn Out" is what I have been reading for encouragement these days. Her website is www.homeschoolhowtos.com


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