Tuesday, January 12, 2010

We need your help-2010 Sweetheart Ball

If you have ever been to the Sweetheart Ball or know someone who has. Please send me stories of how the Sweetheart Ball and or Eye to Eye has affected your marriage. Email all stories to: eyetoeyemarriage@gmail.com. Your entry may be selected for a future publication. If you would like to remain anonymous please state such. Eye to Eye is pretty broad so the story could be the affect of the Facebook page, the monthly bible studies, or the Summer BBQ. Your story of impact could be from the November Getaway or the Sweetheart Ball. Maybe it is a specific couple within Eye to Eye that has come along side your marriage and shored it up. Please share your thoughts!

Momentum is building for the ball after Jan 15th the registration price for the ball will go up from $65 to $75 so hurry! Register on line here.

Help us spread the word in three ways:
  1. Get flyers that you can hand out to your neighbors, church groups, coworkers, and family. They can be be printed from the website (Click here). Also you can have flyers mailed or delivered if you are in the Oklahoma City Metro by emailing your name address and the amount you need to: eyetoeyemarriage@gmail.com
  2. Become a champion couple and take responsibility to fill up one or more tables with four couples. Group registration can be done on the website (Click here)
  3. Forward or link to this post and pass it to everyone you know.
Statistic: 80% of people that have attended our past balls found out through word of mouth! It is a massive grass roots effort..WATCH OUT COX CENTER HERE WE COME!!

Become a fan of Marriage on Facebook: eyetoeyemarriage
Follow us on twitter: @eye2eyemarriage
Call us: 405-288-1393
Email us: sweetheartball@eyetoeyecommunity.com

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