Monday, March 8, 2010

Sunday Recap-Core Foundations-God's Word

Yesterday it was fun preaching on the authority of Scripture and what we believe about the Bible. It was even more fun studying and preparing. We have started a series called CORE FOUNDATIONS that will take us back to reaffirm what the core foundations of the faith are. Like I said in my message all the resources I use I freely pass on so that you can do your own study. See Below:

  1. Here is a link to a resource I used from a sermon I preached in 2005 that gives some of the key scripture on the Word of God. Print it off and ENJOY!
  2. Here is a link to subscribe to get the free Magazine from the Voice of the Martyrs to stay up to speed on the persecuted church. This will give you a relevant perspective of modern martyrs for the Word of God.
  3. In my message I shared several scientific and medical facts that the Bible declared well before any scientist or Doctor. Some of them were found in this online article: That Amazing Book by Terry Watkins
  4. Here is a link to some facts about the Bible's 40 authors from an article that came from a book by Josh McDowell called Evidence that Demands a Verdict
  5. I also got some of the history of the Bible and elaboration on other theological jargon from the following resource:
    Training for Service-A survey of the Bible by Orin Root
    Systematic Theology-Wayne Grudem
    Systematic Theology-Dr. Norman Geisler-volume one

We had a great gathering yesterday! We welcomed our newest member Charlotte Triplette. We also got to encourage two of our members, Jedia Fuller and Nathan Williams, with wonderful words of blessing.

I love serving at Church Ablaze...this is going to be a fun and educating series...Next week..God's Nature! Find us on Facebook at: