Friday, March 25, 2011

Wedding Anniversary Countdown

So thankful that God has blessed us to make it to our 15th year of marriage. Fifteen days before our anniversary, which was Mar. 23rd, I decided to update my Facebook status with a countdown of the 15 reasons I am married to Lisa. Here they are:

#15 She cooks some mean spaghetti
#14 The way she tilts her head and says “I just love you"
#13 She accepted me as I was
#12 The grace-filled, tender tone of her voice
#11 She gives me the privilege to wipe her tears when she cries
#10 the way she walks caught my eye early
#9 The way she snaps her fingers when she is happy
#8 She has helped me reach every goal in my life
#7 She is so genuine and creative, I have never met another woman like her
#6 The way she uninhibitedly yields in worships to God
#5 She has unashamedly embraced motherhood as her career and given herself wholly to it.
#4 She has NEVER offended me without apologizing and reconciling
#3 Her sensitivity to God induces me to draw closer to her and God
#2 She puts the interest of her family above her own
#1 Our love is secure because she loves God more than she loves me

The number one reason mentioned above is what keeps us connected. God is the third chord in our braid of marriage. With him intertwined with us we know that we can overcome and beat the odds. I will never forget, before we got married I called her and she was spending time with God. She asked if I could call her back. I said, "sure" hung up the phone and JUMPED FOR JOY, because I knew I was second and God was first. When we both keep God first in our lives only then do we have the power to love each other without conditions.

If you happen to be going through a Marriage Crisis know that there is hope. God can help you overcome the toughest trials. If you would liked to be a part of a growing group of couples that focus on building Godly marriages. Go to also join us on Facebook

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  1. Honey, this blessed my heart! Thank you for your love and encouragement. You are a wonderful man of God and my Knight in shining armor. We have grown and changed so much over these 15 years, but through it all the Lord has sustained us and has shown us how to love each other. With each passing year, I love and respect you more and more. Thank you for being a man yielded and listening to the heart of God. The children and I confidently say that we trust you with our hearts. You teach us how to love and forgive others and each other by your example! You are one of a kind!


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