Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Daddy time Pt. 1

I love daddy time! Seeing my daughter smile, with her snagga tooth and all, joys my heart. Daddy time is a time where I go out one-on-one with each child and spend some special time. I rotate one child a week. Currently we go on monday evenings.

I sat down and thought for a moment and realized it has been about 4 or 5 years since this tradition started. This tradition was started because of my own neglect. I noticed that I started getting into that mode where my children kept asking me to do things but I was "too busy" to comply to their request. My desire was to be a family man and get the quantity and quality time with my children, but I was allowing ministry, work, and all the other things get in the way.

I would pray and ask God to help me, then have good intentions and look up and realize one week has gone by, then another and I still was not consistently spending the time I thought was neccessary. UNTIL in just dawned on me. You schedule everything at work. Why don' t you just schedule some time with each child. I had four children at that time so I figured I would get twelve special times with each child a year. Ever since then my children and myself look forward to this uninterupted time to talk, play, and tie relationships strings that can never be broken.

God desires all Fathers to turn their hearts to their children. Malachi 4:6 "And he shall turn the heart of the fathers to the children, and the heart of the children to their fathers..." I learned that in order to have my children's heart they must have mine.

Above you can see what Liberty and I like to do on daddy time Laugh, giggle, chase, and talk. So what else happens on Daddy time?

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  1. JOnathan, this is your cousin Ginger in St. Louis. I'm just becoming familiar with this Facebook...didn't quite understand it at first. So it may have seemed I was ignoring all responce. I just wasn't in tune with it. But anyway I think you are the best father any child could want and have. Keep up the good work and keep putting out those examples for others to learn from. Love Ginger


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