Sunday, May 31, 2009

Sunday Recap-Churches completing not competing

Churches in the same city need to complete one another not compete. Pictured here are two happy guys. William Noel and myself after a great joint church fellowship. He is the Pastor of Grace and Glory Baptist Church here in Oklahoma. The funny thing is we met on the basketball court. He coached my sons team to a national homeshool championship this year. So I met him yelling at the players and he met me yelling at my boys. Then when we realized we were pastors, we of course started whispering to the boys and controlling our emotions. Jokes :-). We had joint worship services at their building. There was vibrant praise and worship and he graced me with the privlege to share the word.

It would be a wonderful homework assignment for any pastor to scan his city and see if God wants them to fellowship with another church and bring completion in areas. When you have a one stop shop mentality in leading a church that can equal worn out leaders and worn out members. But being open to who God leads you to, could be an open door for the completion of some ministry assignment God wants you to accomplish. There are so many benefits in working together. The body of christ must connect outside of our own local four walls.

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