Sunday, May 31, 2009

Sunday Recap-This too shall pass

Today's message was about that phrase we have heard so much that we think it is scripture, "this too shall pass". Well maybe I should say I heard it alot coming up from my Dad. Maybe it was just in the Hill house I am not sure. Trial after trial I would hear my Dad say. This too shall pass.

Well my Dad happens to be going through one of the biggest health trials he has ever gone through. He had rigorous prostate surgery which led to him have a stroke just yesterday. Lack of speech and lack of use of his right arm are a few of the by products. I talked to him before he lost all his speech and guest what he told me. This too shall pass.

Actual as I started to prepare for this joint church service we had with Grace and Glory Church. I fealt the Lord telling me to simply lead the people to HIM. That was broad enough, so it left me pondering...then all this happened with my dad and that phrase just kept ringing in my head. As I began to study I discovered these things:
  • This too shall pass, is not in scripture it is a Hebrew folklore about King Solomon...but it does have application in a believer's life.
  • That phrase can comfort the burdened or sadden the all depends on what happens after the passing takes place.
  • That phrase can instantly cause you put things in proper perspective.
  • Heaven, earth, and riches will pass away but God's word will abide forever.
  • All that we consider urgent and emergencies now will become memories and lose their potency with time.
  • All flesh is grass and it withers and all flowers fade. Isaiah 40
  • All of man's glory moments, glory projects, glory accomplishments, glory appearances will eventually fade.
  • The majority of things we do in life are temporary.
  • All things will not pass away.
  • God's word is promised to abide for ever
  • God's glory is promised to radiate for ever.
  • Although we may be grass and grasshopper in comparison to God in his magnificent glory, he made the sacrifice of his son to put within us a mystery.
  • That mystery is Christ in us the hope of glory. Colosians 1:20-28
  • So we can have an eternal hope because there is a God in us that will not pass away.
  • He has designed His church to radiate his Glory and proclaim Christ preeminence in our lives.
  • So this too shall pass means I take my eyes off of all my earthly circumstances and fix them on Jesus who has the preeminence over all.
  • Having a heavenly view of earthly circumstances lessens the edge and places faith, hope, and trust where it should have been all along.
  • We must live for eternal things while we abide in the temporal.
I love the hymn "Turn your eyes upon Jesus"
Turn you eyes upon Jesus,

Look full on his wonderful face
And the things of earth will grow strangely dim
In the light of his glory and grace.