Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Are Facebook Friends Real?-Thirty days of Prayer-Day 15

We are on day number 15 on our 30 day prayer journey. I haven't posted since day 09 but we have been praying, nevertheless. Last week I was on my facebook site and I looked over at the friend counter and saw 444 friends. I was a little shocked that I even know that many people. I figured I had blindly said yes to "friend request" one too many times and there was a bunch of people on there that I didn't even know. But, as I started looking at the list that was not the case at all; going through the list caused me to remember something significant about almost each person.

Then I had one of those God thoughts. Why don't I start praying for my Facebook friends. Over time, Facebook can loose it's thunder so why not put it to good use.
Lisa and I, along with my morning prayer group are taking the first letter of the first names and going A-Z ( a letter or range of letters a day) and praying as the Lord leads us. What has been very humbling about it are the close to forty prayer request we have received from friends old and new. As I expressed in a previous post, friends are important to me, whether over facebook or face to face.

Prayer transcends time, culture, gender, race, relationships, age, social status, geography, religion, politics, and mostly any barrier that it comes in contact with. Jesus taught us that prayer in His name grants us access to the Father, prayer is a vehicle for asking God, prayer is a catalyst for healing, prayer is a weapon of spiritual warfare, prayer is an expression of humility. The bible teaches that prayer should be made for your family, your friends, your coworkers, your leaders, and even your enemies. (Luke 18:1, Matt. 21:21-22, Matt. 5:44)

With the far reaching capability of prayer why not use today's tools such as Facebook, Twitter, myspace, or blogs to pray and serve your friends or followers. Don't just be satisfied with the quantity on your friend or follower count. Put it to a good or should I say a "God" use. Jesus reached multitudes on foot. Didn't he say we would do greater works? (John 14:12) Our social network friends need more than what we can offer them; why not give them one of the greatest gifts, which is heartfelt, sincere prayer to the Father on their behalf. It doesn't matter if they believe in God or not. God is very good at knowing the heart of man and turning it as He wills. Facebook friends are real people with real needs not just a face and status updates.

We are taking prayer request from all of our friends, family, acquaintances, and strangers so email me at

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