Saturday, October 3, 2009

Thirty Days of Prayer-Day 04-God sized prayers

Day number four of our 30 day prayer journey. Day three was a blessing so we had great expectations this morning. Our focus scripture this morning was Psalms 62:5 "My soul wait thou only upon God for my expectation is from him." Our expectations can either constrain our faith or expand our faith. All to often this quote that I read from a pastor in Atlanta named Shaun King is true "Can we be honest w/one another? Your prayers are too small. If your prayers could happen without God's intervention, pray again."
Do we have the faith and courage to pray God sized prayers? I confess that over time my prayers turn into only things that I have seen God do before, I call them conventional prayers. For example, we may pray "Lord, help me to pay this bill" and you have the money in the bank but just didn't want to use it on the bill. That is conventional praying; prayers where you really have a few visible choices but it is a matter of choosing which one.
I desire to move my life, my family, the church, and all that God has put within my sphere of influence too GOD SIZED praying. Praying for things that make others look at you like you are crazy. For too long my expectations have been based on my circumstances. We can not let our circumstances whether past, present, or future cause us to mimize our prayers. GOD IS BIG! We need to ask Him for Big things.
The inditing thing about this concept is that we pray according to the way we see God. If we see God as small, deaf, inconsistent, out of touch you will have small, infrequent, inconsistent prayers. If we see God as almighty, all seeing, all knowing, consistent, and acquainted with our ways then we will have Large, confident, bold, audacious, and Heaven shaking prayers.

A few men have decided to pray for 30 days on the phone at 5am. My wife Lisa who originated the idea is doing the same with women. If you have any prayer request please email me at . If you would like to join us note that in an email and I will pass you the info.

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