Thursday, October 1, 2009

Thirty Days of Prayer-Day 02

Prayer focus today was out of II Peter 1:4-11 and James 1:27 for us be unspotted from the world and for the divine nature of God to be present in our lives to aid us in escaping the corruption that is in the world through lust.
Random statements and request as the men prayed:

  • We are unworthy unless we are clothed in Christ' Righteousness
  • Our hearts are panting after God as a deer pants for water
  • Lot's of praise from men declaring God as Father, our source, and our sustainer
  • For people to be lights as they go out in the world.
  • Prayed for men that are trapped in pornagraphy and slaves to their genitals to be set free
  • He who the sons sets free is free in deed
  • Prayed for men whose tongues are bound and will not open their mouth to praise you. That men will not be silent and passive in the Kingdom of God but rise up as leaders.
  • Prayed for all suffering with breathing issues during this change of season. Prayed that fear will not grip our hearts and we will be able to pray a prayer of faith when we encounter sicknesses.
  • Prayed for those battling cancer
  • Prayed for missionaries in South Africa and orphanages in Kenya
  • Prayed for wisdom in our jobs as we make daily decisions.
  • Prayed for our church and the church at large to have a hedge of protection about it and that God's amazing grace will cause His people to advance and stand in our declining culture
  • And many other things

What an engergizing time to cry loud with men to our Father...See ya in the morning 5am.

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